Excavation Evans Fortier inc.

Excavation Evans Fortier inc.

2 to 5 years of experience



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264 avenue Saint-Michel , Québec, G1C 1G2


Excavation and drainage

Paving and earthwork

RBQ Licence

8334-9878-44 (checked every week)

RBQ registered since August 30, 2018

Business number

1163578330 (last check 2022-09-22)

Company incorporated since March 13, 2006

Civil liability insurance

Alpha Compagnie d'Assurances #EM000162981

renewable on April 7, 2023

Customer Review

Excellent service. Entrepreneur précis et minutieux. Respect de la facturation.
Jonathan Decherf, Québec July 26, 2021
Frederic Dacres, Québec August 8, 2022
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