Construction de garage

Garage Construction

Do you want to build a garage, and have it done worry-free and for the best price? With GoQuotes, an advisor will help you compare several quotes from certified contractors. It’s quick and free of charge, and there’s no obligation!


When you start a renovation project of this magnitude, it’s important to get an accurate estimate of the required work. Whether you want to build an attached or detached single or double garage, add another storey above your garage, renovate a carport or simply build a shed, the key to success is the same: you need to compare qualified contractors.

To better compare contractors, you ideally need to have a detailed plan. You’ll need this plan not only to obtain the required approvals and permits, but also to ensure the seamless and practical integration of the garage into the existing building. One thing’s for certain: a GoQuotes advisor will help you to compare professionals at all stages of your project, from plan design to the construction of your garage.

In addition, there are several benefits to building or renovating a garage. It’s often cheaper than buying a new house with a garage, and this investment will undoubtedly add value to your property. This could also give you the opportunity to renovate your entire roof to create a uniform look, or to improve the insulation of your home and lower your heating bill. You can be sure that you’re in the right place to start your project and compare qualified contractors.



GoQuotes has three main objectives:

  • Help you SAVE TIME by describing your renovation project only once
  • Give you PEACE OF MIND by referring you to verified contractors who have the GoQuotes certification
  • Make contractors compete for your business so you can get a FAIR PRICE for your garage construction project

In addition, when a contractor is 100% verified, it means that we’ve verified the contractor’s insurance coverage and the satisfaction of their past clients.

Luckily, contractors specializing in garage construction have been verified by GoQuotes throughout Quebec and Ontario and are currently available to give you a quote.

Describe your project and get a free quote now, whether you’re in Montreal, Ottawa, Gatineau, Toronto, Laval, Quebec, Trois-Rivières or the surrounding areas. There’s no obligation, and an advisor will help you to find a contractor who will build or renovate the garage of your dreams!



Clarify your needs

Write down your needs and determine the type of insulation you want to install in the walls.

Think about drainage

Drainage is an essential aspect of a well-built garage. Discuss drain design and location with your contractor.

Your interior plans

It’s a good idea to have your interior plans on hand before construction begins to make sure that the dimensions of your garage are adequate.


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If you have any questions before you complete your request, please don’t hesitate to call an advisor.

After all, it’s free!

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I’ve gone through GoQuotes twice since I purchased my house, and the companies we’ve dealt with up until now have met my expectations. The interior designer that I chose did high-quality work. Thank you so much!

Olivier, December 15, 2018

With GoQuotes, I was referred to some good contractors, and they did an excellent follow-up on my file. The platform is very simple to use! The contractor I hired for my floor did really nice, professional‑quality work.

Serge, October 10, 2018

By using your services, we don’t have to do any research (to find out whether the company is registered, whether their clients are satisfied, whether there have been complaints about them, etc.). As for the contractor I hired, they did quality work and cleaned up before leaving. I’m very satisfied with the service I got from GoQuotes for my business!

Nicole, November 25, 2018

The GoQuotes site is very easy to use and very effective. Finding a painter for my business has never been this easy. The contractor I hired was professional and courteous. I recommend using this platform!

Jerome, February 6, 2019

The service offered by GoQuotes is very quick and efficient. I highly recommend it! My general contractor did really good work and was very professional. 

Philippe, January 7, 2019
* You’ll also have an opportunity to submit a testimonial at the end of your project!




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