Terms and conditions contractor

These terms and conditions are a contract between the service provider (“the Provider”) and GoQuotes Inc. (“the Company”), a company incorporated on June 20, 2013.


CLIENT(S):   Any person who asks the Company for quotes. This includes the person’s spouse and any corporation in which one of them is a shareholder, regardless of the address where the work will be carried out.

To benefit from the Company’s referral service, the Provider must meet several certification criteria. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Provider certifies that they meet the certification criteria set out in section 1 below, or if they cannot provide this certification, the Provider undertakes to share all the information the Company needs to verify the information itself.

  • Hold the required permits and licences for the Provider’s operations;
  • Hold valid civil and professional liability insurance;
  • Comply with the requirements of the professional corporation, professional body or any other organization with oversight over their operations;
  • Have a complaint-free record with consumer protection governmental authorities;
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver high-quality work and service, as perceived by clients;
  • Maintain good relationships with their own providers and subcontractors.

2.1  Contact the Client within forty-eight hours (48 h) after receiving their quote request. 

2.2  Provide the Client with high-quality services, in accordance with the standards established by the Company and its certification criteria.

2.3  Comply with all current laws, regulations and bylaws enacted by any applicable government or municipality. 


The Provider acknowledges that the Company may not be held liable for any action, omission, negligence or failure of the Client. The Provider acknowledges that they have no recourse against the Company for any claims that may directly or indirectly result from facts and/or actions related to the work they will be called upon to complete when they are referred by the Company. The Provider acknowledges and understands that they are solely responsible for any amounts that may be due to them after they provide services and/or sell materials to the Client. The Provider undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Company from and against any claims, summons, losses or damages of the Client of any nature whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of the Provider’s work, services and other interventions.

  1. TERM

This contract is made for an indeterminate term. The Company will refer interested clients to the Provider for as long as the Provider is registered for the service. In the event that the Provider is no longer available for an indeterminate period for any reason whatsoever, the Provider may deactivate their account via the dashboard. The Provider may reactivate their account anytime by visiting GoQuotes.ca/app/login or contacting the GoQuotes team.


The Company may terminate this contract in the event that the Provider does not meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Hold civil liability insurance coverage for a minimum amount of $1million;
  • Hold the required licences for the Provider’s operations;
  • Have a complaint-free record with consumer protection governmental authorities;
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver high-quality work and service, as perceived by GoQuotes clients, i.e., obtain an average of 6/10 or more on a minimum of two GQuotes surveys of clients who have hired the Provider;
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings against the Provider.

The contract will be terminated without prior notice, and the registration fees for the GoQuotes service will not be refunded in the event that the Provider fails to meet one or more of these conditions.


The Company is entitled to publish information about the Provider. This information includes the data shared with the Company by the Provider, the certification criteria set out in section 1, and the supporting documents showing that the Provider meets those criteria. The Provider is entitled to publish this information using their own communication means. The publication right is granted for an indeterminate period and is not restricted to the duration of the business relationship between the Company and the Provider.